Cut and carve modifications
to existing buildings

The practice has been involved in major and minor structural modifications to existing buildings to form new space geometries and convert buildings from one use to another.

This has included adding floors; removing walls; adding extensions; infilling floor voids; fitting lifts, staircases, and escalators.

These projects have been across the whole range of business sectors including conversion of a bus station to a church; offices to residential; industrial to health; industrial to leisure; modifications of major shopping centres. Some of this work has been in listed buildings with the associated need to repair and conserve existing elements of fabric.

Foundations, basement and
retaining walls

MBCE have designed buildings with a range of foundation approaches depending on the ground conditions, building and load type.

These have included:  piled foundations (bored, driven CFA, voided etc); ground bearing pad foundations; cantilever foundations (near site boundaries); strip foundations; trench fill foundations; ground improved foundations (vibro compaction,    lime stabilisation); foundations near trees; foundations for modular buildings; foundations for machines and machine pits; foundations inside existing buildings; remedial works to foundations (underpinning, foundation extension, foundation stiffening); modifications to existing foundations for building extensions to changes in load.

The practice has also designed a range of underground floors, basement and cellars within new and existing buildings. Retaining walls both as part of a building and externally. The practice experience includes:  reinforced concrete walls or cavity filled masonry walls, mass concrete or mass masonry walls, gabion walls, criblock walls, close bored piled walls, sheet piled walls.  Some of these walls have been required to be located close to highways and existing structures.      


In today's building environment with the requirements to design for climate change the use of sustainable drainage systems combined with good external layout design is essential to meet regulating requirements to prevent flooding of new and existing structures. MBCE have been involved in the design of  car parks and access roads  and flood protection schemes associated with schools, sports clubs, community facilities, retail, Industrial, health and office developments.


Access roads, car parks and
sustainable drainage systems

MBCE as Consulting Engineers have designed and are actively designing for our clients car parks, access roads including 3D ground modelling to minimise materials removed off site and sustainable drainage systems such as permeable paving, soakaways, cellular retention systems, balancing ponds and flood defences.

Concrete framed buildings

MBCE have been engineers responsible for the design and reinforcement detailing of a range of concrete framed buildings or parts of buildings which contain a reinforced concrete components.

These have included reinforced concrete foundations; reinforced concrete columns and walls; reinforced concrete pits, bases, basements and cellars; reinforced concrete ducts, access tunnels; concrete car park decks, concrete roofs, concrete floors.


In addition to designing new concrete building structures the practice has experience of modifying existing concrete structures.  We have also often been involved in consideration of defects to concrete structures including assessment of problems, consideration of repair strategies and specification and monitoring of repair works.                                                                                           


Steel framed buildings

MBCE have experience of designing a wide range of steel framed building structures for new buildings, extensions and modifications to existing buildings. This has included large single storey industrial, retail and distribution facilities as well as multi storey structures for education, health, offices and leisure.


Masonry buildings

MBCE have designed new load bearing masonry structures and modifications to existing masonry structures including listed buildings. The practice also regularly designs and provides restraint details for masonry elements to the elevations and sides of buildings.


Timber, cold formed steel,
modular and other
building systems

MBCE have experience of working along side specialist suppliers to integrate their building systems into new building structures


Building investigations

MBCE has experience of investigating existing building structures. Investigations can be required for a range of reasons:


Site investigations

MBCE works with specialist suppliers to obtain and evaluate geo-environmental information to describe ground conditions of sites. This includes issues such as:



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The Engineers in the practice have extensive experience of a range of different projects which include the spectrum from major projects of value greater than £100m to minor investigation and structural modification works as well as a range of services for multiple property owning clients.


Experience includes work on major and minor developments in the industrial, distribution, retail, leisure, office, housing, education and health sectors.


Design of new buildings.


Structural modification of existing buildings including extensions, over-roofing, relocation of staircases and escalators etc. Including requirements for continued building operation and use during construction.


Structural appraisals of existing buildings and elements of structure.


Review of designs produced by others on behalf of building owners or other parties,


Design of other elements of structure for modification of existing buildings including single beams, lintels, trusses, shutter supports, CCTV supports, cladding support systems, seating systems.